An Innovative Glucose Monitoring System.

The days of routine finger pricks are over!
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Why Choose FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System?


A small sensor automatically measures and continuously stores glucose readings day and night.


Swim, shower or exercise — the FreeStyle Libre system is designed to be water-resistant and worn while bathing, showering, swimming or exercising.


Glucose readings with a painless, one-second scan (even through clothing).


With every scan you get your current sugars, the last 8 hours, and trend of where you are heading.

The FreeStyle Libre Sensor

Requires no finger prick calibration:

Eliminates painful finger pricks needed for calibration and is designed to stay on the body for up to 14 days.


Email or call us and we can see if it's covered for you.

Designed to stay on the body for 14 days:

Only needs to be applied once every 2 weeks.

Small size:

35 mm x 5 mm. Discreet – convenient to wear under clothing.

Call us if you have questions like:

  • What if it falls off?
  • How do I get it to stick better? 
  • What if it's too sticky? 
  • What if the readings appear off or I think I have a faulty sensor?
  • What can you tell me about using my phone instead of the reader to get my readings on?
  • What accessories are available?