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Competitive Advantage.

  • Travel bookings within a week.
  • One stop consultation including prescribing & injecting for individual, families or groups.
  • Direct billing so you know what your insurance will cover before getting it.
  • Everything is ready for you when you walk in the door, thus eliminating unnecessary wait time.
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  • Initial consult booking fee: $35
  • Injection fee: $20
Hepatitis A (Adult)$70
Hepatitis A (Pediatric)$49
Hepatitis B (Adult)$49
Hepatitis B (Pediatric)$29
Twinrix (Hepatitis A & Hepatitis B) (Adult)$79
Twinrix (Hepatitis A & Hepatitis B) (Pediatric)$54
Cervical Cancer/HPV (Gardasil 9)$197
Chicken Pox (Varivax iii)$104
Dukoral (Single Oral Dose) (Diarrhea & Cholera)$57
Dukoral (Two Oral Doses) (Diarrhea & Cholera)$102
Japanese Encephalitis (Ixiaro)$252
Measles, Mumps & Rubella (MMRI)$64
Meningococcal (Menactra)$129
Meningococcal (Nimenrix)$140
Pneumococcal Vaccine (Pneumovax 23)$69
Pneumococcal Vaccine (Prevnar 13)$131
Polio (Imovax)$69
Rabies (Rabavert)$225
Shingles (Zostavax II)$204
Shingles (Shingrix)$149
TD Adsorbed (Tetanus & Diptheria)$38
Tdap (Tetanus, Diptheria, Pertussis – Adacel)$56
Tdap (Tetanus, Diptheria, Polio – Boostrix)$84
Typhoid (Injection – Typhim/Typherix)$43
Typhoid (Live Oral – Vivotif)$43
Vivaxim (Hepatitis A & Typhoid)$113
Initial consult Booking Fee$35
Injection Fee/Injection$20