2 Albertans Die Each Day Due to Opioid Abuse.

We are one of the few pharmacies in Canada to offer custom locking vials at no additional cost.
  • Prevents tempering
  • Prevents medication theft
  • Prevents medication diversion

1. It starts in school
Prescription drugs are the most commonly abused substance amongst 12-13-year-olds.

2. 62% find it in the family medicine cabinet
62% of teens cite ease of access as their reason for abusing prescription drugs.

3. 800K Kids Annually
In the US 800K, kids are a victim of drug abuse annually.

4. Teens think prescription drugs are safe
35% of teens say that prescription drugs are safe. It’s no wonder- they come in the same container as their antibiotics.

5. For children
Great for kids who take their medicines to schools. Prevents medication tempering.