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An easier way of managing the medications.

Medications, Made Easy.

Medications Organized

Using custom blister packaging we use transparent packing for increased visibility, with the date, time and medications in each slot written on the back. Unlike traditional blisters, each dose can be separated, which is great for caregivers and traveling.

We deliver anywhere in Edmonton, and St. Albert

We deliver anywhere in Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Leduc, Beaumont and Spruce Grove.


We synchronize the refills so they can be delivered the same time with other medications. If there is a new prescription, we can line it up with the refill schedule.

Automatic Refill

We monitor and manage the refills so they always have the medications they need.

Primary Contact

They can assign you as their primary contact so we can contact you if needed.

Private and Secure

You can schedule a secure online video conference with our pharmacist to discuss their medications, saving you time and resources.

We have developed custom blister packaging for all our patient. Salient features are:


means they can easily just take the evenings dose with them if they are going out, or a few days if they are going to see family (rather than needing to take the whole pack)

Drug Identification:

each time slot has on it printed what medications are at that time. This allows easy identification for both the patient and the carer.

Large size space for meds:

Our slots can hold a lot of tablets, yet the whole blister pack is still a compact size overall.

Date Identification:

Depending on how the packaging is to be set up we can have specific dates printed on the packaging so it would say this particular dose is for Tuesday noon March 6th, 2018. This allows carers to see if patients are taking their dose, as well as patients who forget to see if they have taken their dose already.

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