Vaccinations within a Week.

Edmonton's one-stop location for vaccination consults, prescriptions & injections. Quick, convenient immunization services for individuals, groups & families.

Competitive Advantage.

  • Travel bookings within a week.
  • One stop consultation including prescribing & injecting for individual, families or groups.
  • Direct billing so you know what your insurance will cover before getting it.
  • Everything is ready for you when you walk in the door, thus eliminating unnecessary wait time.
  • Good prices.
  • Excellent service.
  • Initial consult booking fee: $35 (includes specific advice to destination of travel, uploading vaccination records to provincial Netcare records, & other travel concerns and recommendations)
  • Injection fee: $20 (includes purchasing and maintenance of anaphylaxis kit, fainting management, needles, syringe, gloves, area sterilization, etc)
  • Needle Fear & Pain Relief (Buzzy, numbing cream, cartoon bandaids) $15

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